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B2 Green, D3 Blue, C4 Green

Use the above three starter positions to fill the grid with the three LED tiles.
Then add for each of the LED tiles the designated color ring.
When this is done, your ready to solve the puzzel.

Good luck and have fun!


♥ What this game is about ♥
The aim of this game is to light up all three LED tiles that are randomly placed on the center grid. Next to that, all three have to light up in the right color.

♥ How to set up the game ♥
For each new game you scan the available QR code which brings you to this page. On this page there will be a randomly generated starting grid.
Copy this starting grid to the game board and your good to go.

There are four options:

  • Beginner: Copy only one of the positions
  • Intermediate: Copy two of the positions
  • Hard: Copy all three of the positions AND use the joker tiles (marked with a J) if needed
  • Expert: Copy all three of the positions AND do NOT use the joker tiles (marked with a J)

Note: You can challenge yourself even further by running a timer while solving the puzzle.

♥ Game play ♥
Use the available tiles to create a ‘flow’ from start to finish. It is allowed to start on one of two starting positions and it is allowed to end on one of two end positions.

If you succeed in lighting up the LED’s then you have successfully completed the puzzle.

Solving the puzzle can be done in two ways, one of which will cause the light to burn dimmer. Though technically in this case the lights are on (and thus you did beat the game), you did not find the optimum solution. So when the LED’s do not light up brightly, try a different approach!

That’s it. Have fun!