Welcome to my Visual Novel Project site or VNP for short.

Feel free to look around this website and see if you can find some words written. There even might be an occasional drawing too. This is about Visual Novels after all.

The goal of this website is to give me a sense of direction. A point to reach: a Goal:

One finished Kinetix Visual Novel before the end of 2022.

For any, one-man’s army, this is a challenge. Why?

  • Because one has to write a story and for that you need skills.
  • Because one has to draw pictures and for that to you need skills.
  • Because one has to create sounds and music and for that to you need skills.
  • Because one has to use software development and for that you need skills
  • Because one has to …

I think you get it by now… creating a visual Novel requires skills.

And I can do all of the above…  but most certainly not flawless.

So that wherein lies the challenge: Not just to deliver a Visual Novel, but to deliver one with a certain level of quality: preferably a high level.

And that is where a one-man’s army falls flat, anytime, all the time. Creating something good on your own is doable for some of us, but creating something great always is a team effort.

The solution? To not be a one-man’s army. So, this website contains (unpaid) job openings.  Jobs… as in: ‘I like it as a hobby and have spare time to burn.’
That kind of job.

Interested? Click here to see what ‘jobs’ are available.


A homepage section

Not a clue what to do with this, but the default website layout has one… by default.

So: this is it:

“A homepage section”

Oh… wait… I know what I can place here… Copyright!!!
Everything on this website is mine, so? That does imply that it is not yours. Right?

Good, I am glad you agree.

About me

This website is about the various projects I am involved in,  regarding the creation of visual novels.

Wow, that sounds… hefty.

Let me rephrase that: This website is about me, fiddling around with Visual Novel ideas.

Better. More down to earth. More… me.

And I am a… human? Yes. That’s the right definition. What else…
Male-ich? Close enough.

I own a wife, or she owns me, we still can’t decide about that one.
We love a dog, that loves us more.

We have a house, a tree and…
… well, that is just about it.  A pretty common description. At least where I live.


  • I can write and have published a novel in the past.
  • I can draw, both in 2D (clip studio) and 3D ( blender) and
  • I can program in numerous development languages. (Python en C# to name a few.)

So, that fiddling around with Visual Novels actually goes somewhere, eventually.
Current status: One finished, one in the making, and a dozen or so inside my head.

Things that have been decided so far on the current project

  • I settled on a specific story (and finished it)
  • I settled on using RenPy instead of Unity.
  • I settled on finishing the VN before the end of 2022.

That last part is a must, otherwise, I keep fiddling around various options and ideas. Which, for me is one of the biggest rabbit holes in my life. I cannot choose…

So I made it stupid simple for myself to digest:

Story -> Drawings -> RenPy -> 2022

And yet… That drawing part… choices galore! Clip? Blender? What style?  Japanese Manga or American Style?

Manga for sure.

Pastel? Watercolor? Modern or classic???

Oh… Boy…

Before the end of 2022, right?


Finished a new story in just 4 days. Still have to do drawings though, there are placeholders but the finals are not ready yet. But the story/game pretty much is. You can find it under Projects -> Compass. Have fun with it!


  Added a few new pictures. With each drawing, I get a better understanding of the look and feel I want to give the story. Originally I was thinking about anime style, But that is rather complex. I have never drawn manga but so far I believe that style is reachable.  So… let’s study like …


There is a small circle below this page:  And on any other page for that matter.
I believe it’s called an email link.

Do expect a response. Just do not expect it to be yesterday. I am not the type of person that checks my social media every 20 seconds.