The satin skirt

“Or rather, a lot of clothing became genderless. So, a pair of trousers is no longer a male or female thing. It’s just a thing.
So? But… Then that means… being a male, totally digging the gender equality and all that jazz, that I can wear a skirt ?!?

YOU $#Khs#!! of a BAKA! Of course, you can’t !?!
Euh… O…kay? But… why not exactly?” 

A short story about the western disbalance between modern male fashion versus modern female fashion.  Or as an old car designer once stated: If you’re a male, you can wear any color you want… as long as it is black.

This finished project is only available as a Youtube Visual Novel
Use the next link to listen/read to it:

It will cost you 40 minutes of your life, but other than that, it’s free.
Oh… and in case you wonder about the bad “voice acting”… they are not acting. They are that bad for real. (Yes, a computer is reading the story. But it is doing both voices, which I think is pretty talented for a computer. 🙂