Shadows from the past

“While the Lobby slowly fills up with both families, I have plenty of time to get scared out of my wits, just by anticipation alone. Then, still unexpected, someone is being pushed forward.
So? This is him? I look at a face that, to my surprise, glares at me. I smile back, startled. Instantly I know: this is not what I want…”

And thus the story starts: Stepping on the wrong foot.

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Project characteristics

  • Type of development: Kinetic Visual Novel
  • Story duration: Approximate 3 to 4 hours of reading
  • Core Development platforms: RenPy | Blender | Clip studio
  • Release platforms: Windows / Android
  • Quality standard: Goal: “Like letters from a rainy day”
  • Graphical base: Manga
  • Story base: Romantic boy meets girl type with a touch of Yuri
  • Project duration:  deadline Dec 2022