Current project: Shadows from the past

Job openings:

  • Proofreading (US language)  (filled)
  • Proofreading (Japanese Language and Culture)  (vacant)
  • Voice talent male age range 17-18 (vacant)
  • Voice talent female age range 17-18 (vacant)
  • Voice talent female age range 17-18 (vacant)
  • Musician (Music and Sounds)  (vacant)
  • Art lover who is able to say something constructive when it comes to style, composition, and color. (vacant)

No proficiency required: Just be talented and have fun in what you do. That said, I am in pursuit of a specific kind of quality.

So, if you wonder if this is a project you like to work on or if you wonder if you have the skills for it, I strongly recommend reading “letters from a rainy day” (available on steam). That quality, both graphically and story-wise is what I am aiming for.

Are there paid jobs? Oh no! Not a chance! This is just for fun and honor.

 Please drop an email, if you are interested in one of the available “job” openings.