Compass – Ten


Since you are reading this, it means you quit the story without reaching the end.

The last thing I want to tell you is that you have been tricked. What I did with the intro was play bombastic music over a scene where we watch a fisherman fishing. For sure, with this kind of music at some point jaws will appear right?

Well, no.

The story actually is not extreme and quite harmless. It is a love story.
That said: it does contain a type of bedroom privacy that is not very common and not all that well known. Bondage as a type of meditation.
It is not about sex or sex games. It is about mindfulness. Still, If you feel uncomfortable with this, then you have officially reached the end of the story here.

Inside this story, there is nothing terrifying happening to this girl or boy, other than growing up. But why then the “horror” setup? The promise that everything eventually goes down the drain?

Because… this is a night light… looking for moths. This story is not here to burn those moths down but to educate them.

Because… the games where the real horror happens, do not have a warning. There is no education. There is no ‘respect woman’ sign…not even close.
Only one disclaimer and one disclaimer only: everything is above 18.
Or in other words: They build shit, but do not take responsibility for it.
This story is a lesson… that being above 18 is not enough.

Consent for me as an author is a given. The first kiss… I am ok with as low as 13.  It is a first sweat lifetime memory of an adventure yet to come.

But the actual kissing, second, and thirty base starts from 16 up and the final home plate is 18. Having kids is 21 and above.
That is my ‘set in stone’ ruleset. In life and in stories.

So if you are afraid to read anything outside those boundaries… you won’t.
If you are capable of having an open mind about the bondage part, that in itself has nothing to do with sex, then I invite you to jump back into the story. I think it’s a beautiful little love story. (of course, I do… I wrote it)

But see for yourself…
Yes, ‘see’.
It contains pictures. (I am into visual novels, remember?)

Just ignore the writer sections located at the end of each page, because… that guy? He is just trying to keep you on your toes, even though, nothing happens. Next to that, he is the teacher.

And since you are reading this it is obvious that you do not like his first purpose and you do not need his second.

Thank you for your time. And may your God bless you.

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