Compass – one


This is an experiment. A nice little game I set up for you to play. And you are the guinea pig. A stuffed one mind you, because we don’t do life animals anymore because of reasons…

I believe morale has to do with that. And speaking about morale. This is what this experiment is all about. Morale…. yours to be more precise.

One of my main pleasures in life is reading Manga visual novels with the theme boy meet girls. With the emphasis on the plural girls. I think it brings back fond memories and a bit of nostalgic regret that times like that have long gone. But I can melt if they get all flustered when bumping into each other, which somehow always seems to happen. It’s basically about the first high school crush. It is adorable, it is beautiful. It is heartwarming.

Now, if we take a look at the Japanese educational system then the “basic” high school girl can be a Junior heigh or Senior heigh. The junior range goes from 12 to 14 and the Senior range goes from 15 to 17.

Now here is the thing: The consent age in Japan is 13. And there is an oddity with this ridiculously low age value. It is allowed for 13 and 12 years olds to go ‘home base’ so to speak. When you reach 14, you are no longer allowed to fool around with 12 year old, but as long as you are 12 or 13 it is at least legally feasible.

Which basically means that according to Japanese laws. ANY high school girl of ANY age can be sexually active with a male, and the male can get away with it.

As a side note: The Japanese people themself do not agree with the law, so, they celebrate sweet sixteen parties too. But at the bottom line: the Japanese law is not protecting any girl from the age of 12 up.

So, As a reader, I find myself in the midst of an actual conflict.

I love Japanese high school stories.  But they basically only exist because the law in that country allows Junior high girls to happily run after Senior high boys without causing any problem for those boys whatsoever if they end up inside one room.

However, being sexually active is not the kind of story I read.

It’s always the path towards it that makes the fun. The falling in love, the crush, the butterflies. So? Why then the conflict?

Because there are actually an astonishing amount of novels and games out there that do contain home base action. So in pursuit of the good stories, I inevitably find 10 stories that are not good
But finding that one story that makes me cry is worth it. Even though it makes me an insider inside a pretty dark world.

Some of the stories are just extremely female unfriendly.  it just is… well… not ok. And no matter what all these disclaimers will tell you… they are kids.

Material belonging to university undergraduates has no place in high school stories.

What’s with the long intro?

Well, it brought me inspiration. At some point, even a story can go against values. At that point, the simple act of just reading it feels wrong. Hence this experiment.

There are games out there with content beyond belief. The things done to women is… well…

So, how much horror can you handle? Because: if you decide to continue reading… I will drag you into that rabbit hole. A fun little story… that quickly darkens into something… well…

How far will I take this story? How far will I take you?
Will I stop at the ‘innocent’ comedy (Of course not), or…
Will there be shackles? (Yes, and lot’s of ropes!)
and… pain, real pain?  Definitely, but do not worry…they will live.
(I’m not so sure about the happily ever after though.)

Below is a link to the beginning of the story…

A story about a 15-year-young girl who surrenders herself to a 22-year-old guy. For him to push her around.

Inside the next pages, there will be suffering.

Should you even be reading this? Remember… this is just the premises of a shitload of games and stories out there. There is a market for this stuff.

Let’s find out, shall we? How strong or weak your moral compass is. Let’s find out, at which point your compass will make you stop reading.

At the end of each page, there is an “I quit”  link.
Press it, if your stomach can’t digest any more content presented to you. It will lead you away from the experiment, into a page explaining a thing or two. It is the “save-link” so to speak.

Disclaimer: This story contains topics that can be considered to be inside the erotic range.  I value these topics as educational.
If you are sixteen or above then feel free to dig in.
If you are below sixteen then you still can read it, yes seriously, but take the next warning with you along your reader’s journey:

The topic discussed in this story is something that is very rare and by no means common practice for the average boy or girl. Also, if practiced alone, this topic can be very, very dangerous. Do not, I repeat, do NOT experiment with it. 

Down the rabbit hole: Walking the aisle >

I do not want any more of this: I quit!