Finished a new story in just 4 days. Still have to do drawings though, there are placeholders but the finals are not ready yet. But the story/game pretty much is. You can find it under Projects -> Compass. Have fun with it!



Added a few new pictures. With each drawing, I get a better understanding of the look and feel I want to give the story. Originally I was thinking about anime style, But that is rather complex. I have never drawn manga but so far I believe that style is reachable.  So… let’s study like crazy. Let’s go for the manga vibe.

Can’t stop fiddling.

Adjusted the website once again, but I am very, very pleased with the new home page image. Now it actually is theme-based and of a quality that to me is acceptable-ich.

Having a glass of warm milk and a good book, what more to wish for, especially if the milk is fresh.

Yeh… that was quite an obvious joke… If you know your way around Manga-related comics that is. And in case you did not get it… I will not explain. 😉

An overdue website

I am not sure how long it is that I own this website. This domain. “Macina”. But what I do know is that an overhaul was long overdue.

So, here it is, a brand new website. The goal?

To boldly go… oh, wait…  wrong line of text.

Ah, yes. This line is what I am after:
To visualize project development on visual novels of my own design.


Hello world

Test… test 1 2 3 Test…

We are online? Great!

Hay there! He there, Hello , Konnichiwa…

Very nice of you to visit this website. This blog will contain updates whenever something interesting has happened during the development of a visual novel.

So, expect concept art, sneak previews, and whatnot, but… do not expect them too often. Creating a VN is a slow process.