About me

This website is about the various projects I am involved in,  regarding the creation of visual novels.

Wow, that sounds… hefty.

Let me rephrase that: This website is about me, fiddling around with Visual Novel ideas.

Better. More down to earth. More… me.

And I am a… human? Yes. That’s the right definition. What else…
Male-ich? Close enough.

I own a wife, or she owns me, we still can’t decide about that one.
We love a dog, that loves us more.

We have a house, a tree and…
… well, that is just about it.  A pretty common description. At least where I live.


  • I can write and have published a novel in the past.
  • I can draw, both in 2D (clip studio) and 3D ( blender) and
  • I can program in numerous development languages. (Python en C# to name a few.)

So, that fiddling around with Visual Novels actually goes somewhere, eventually.
Current status: One finished, one in the making, and a dozen or so inside my head.

Things that have been decided so far on the current project

  • I settled on a specific story (and finished it)
  • I settled on using RenPy instead of Unity.
  • I settled on finishing the VN before the end of 2022.

That last part is a must, otherwise, I keep fiddling around various options and ideas. Which, for me is one of the biggest rabbit holes in my life. I cannot choose…

So I made it stupid simple for myself to digest:

Story -> Drawings -> RenPy -> 2022

And yet… That drawing part… choices galore! Clip? Blender? What style?  Japanese Manga or American Style?

Manga for sure.

Pastel? Watercolor? Modern or classic???

Oh… Boy…

Before the end of 2022, right?